Arian Foster’s Bro Says Text Messages Proves Baby Mama Lying (Photo)


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The news of Arian Foster and his mistress Brittany Norwood broke with Brittany claiming that Foster his brother Abdul were trying to force her to have an abortion. Abdul is now breaking his silence according to TMZ.

0117-abdul-foster-facebook-3“At no time did I ever try to threaten, harass or pressure Ms. Norwood. The only contacts I had with her were on November 12, 2013, when we exchanged text messages and met for dinner.”

According to the text message convo, Abdul tells Brittany he understands her decision to keep the baby, and Brittany responded praising Abdul for being a “good person.”


Brittany Norwood was contacted about these latest developments but has not commented on it.

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  • Gee, i wonder what he said to apologize for? Maybe, ” you should ge
    t an abortion”

    • I agree this text message could be taken either way.
      OT: Natasha Paul looks really good.

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