Arian Foster’s Lawyer Says They Will Restore His Good Name


If you read the full defamation counterclaim (the FULL PDF is here), you can see why Arian Foster is a upset.

There are some blatant lies in Brittany Norwood’s story, so I understand to a point this statement from his lawyer.

“Ms. Norwood and her attorney are engaging in a shake down to get millions of dollars from Arian Foster. Arian and his wife are standing together and ask the public to respect their privacy. We will vehemently fight these false allegations and restore Arian’s good name.”

Even if Arian or anyone in his family didn’t asked her to get an abortion (good to know he isn’t an awful human being in that regard), he still carried on a pretty public affair with this woman and got her pregnant.  So, it will be hard to get back his “good name” in a lot of people eyes.