Arian Foster’s Mistress Admits Lying About Forced Abortion (Audio)

This story has had more twists and turns than an episode of the Young and the Restless. Arian Foster’s mistress/new baby momma, Brittany Norwood is has been caught on tape pleading to Arian Foster about how her lawyer lied to her and told her that it wouldn’t go this far. Check out the details from TMZ:

But right after she filed the lawsuit, Norwood spoke with Arian and ADMITTED the claims in her lawsuit are BS … saying bluntly, “I never once said that you told me to get an abortion.”

During the conversation, Norwood seems to be throwing her lawyer under the bus … saying she never signed off on some of the bombshell allegations in her suit and didn’t want to pursue the restraining order she asked for in court docs.

“I’m not going to sit here and be like okay with — those papers said, ‘harassment,’ like ‘in fear.’ I was never in fear of my life around you. Like, I didn’t f*cking need a restraining order.”

It  seems like things got out of hand for Ms Norwood and now she is trying to get things back under control. Perhaps she realized that she has to deal with Foster for a long time since they are having a baby together.

It was pretty classic though with her throwing her lawyer completely under the bus.


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  • Lmao. She looks like she smells like raw chicken. Gross.

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