Arian Foster’s Mistress Says She’d Never Exploit Child; Doesn’t Rule Out Reality Show


Brittany didn’t take too kindly to Arian Foster saying that she wanted to use their baby for reality show fame and fortune, so she reached out to TMZ and gave this comment.

Brittany says the reality show is supposed to be about hot moms with hot daughters — and she would star in the show with her mother.

Brittany says she would never exploit her child — or the drama surrounding her child — in a reality show.

As for the future of the reality show, Brittany says there’s still a possibility it could happen.

For someone who allegedly is so smart, Arian didn’t pick the best side chick, so he has to deal with the consequences.

Arian Foster Brittany


  1. From the pics they took it’s obvious that Brittany and Foster had a relationship. She wasn’t just a groupie jump-off. Foster has got his hands full….good luck with the new baby mama and the wife…..

    • No she was clearly the side chick and that is clear as day because she KNEW he was married and once he found out about the pregnancy she said he stated” You cant have this child im going to lose my wife and kids” so if your in a “relationship” I dont think your worried about wife and kids.. Shes another side hoe who managed to get a meal ticket.. The poor kids involved..They are about to lose their father and the unborn child will be raised by money and not a dad.

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