Arkansas State Football Player Killed in Home Invasion

Markel Owens

Very sad news.

Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Arkansas State says junior defensive lineman Markel Owens was one of two men killed in a shooting in Jackson, Tenn.

Jackson police are investigating the Wednesday night shooting as a home invasion robbery, according to WBBJ, our ABC station in west Tennessee. Johnny Shivers, 36, was also killed. Shivers’ wife and Owens’ mother was also shot. She was treated and released from the hospital that night.

Two men reportedly rushed Shivers when he arrived home and forced him inside the apartment. Owens and his mother were already inside the apartment. The suspects demanded money and a fight broke out. Shivers and Owens were both shot during the struggle. One of the gunmen then shot the woman. The robbers got away with a large amount of cash.

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  • “The robbers got away with a large amount of cash.”…How many people keep a large amout of cash in their apartment…..the robbers knew there was money in there…it was a setup

  • This is exactly wy my wife and I are both well trained and armed with deadly force at all times. It’s us against the creeps.

  • STFU about your guns jimmyt anyone can get got

    • Hope to see you soon, creep.

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