Batista Gives Fans Middle Finger; Why is Daniel Bryan Being Buried?

Batista Finger

I admit I don’t watch the WWE in the regular basis, but I am man of common of sense and for almost a year the fans have been dying for Daniel Bryan to get a title run, but the WWE either doesn’t care or well they just don’t care.

That is why Batista who wasn’t even that good when he was in his prime is going to get a main event slot at Wrestlemania while Bryan is jobbing to Bray Wyatt  at the Royal Rumble (the 1st match of the night was the best one).

Maybe there is something we are missing or don’t know about, but the fans and general public are up in arms. The only good thing that came out of this is Batista is now a bonafide heel, not because of anything he has done, but because people are annoyed he is being pushed for no reason.

The WWE still have time to correct this before Wrestlemania, don’t blow it.

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2 thoughts on “Batista Gives Fans Middle Finger; Why is Daniel Bryan Being Buried?

  • The words you are looking for are “on a regular basis,” not “in the regular basis.” Jesus Christ, this is basic English you are fucking up.

  • The WWE is in trouble! They don’t have any big stars and they can’t properly promote the stars that they have. Mr. Vince made a mistake by allowing his daughter to run the company. Stephanie is running Daddy’s business into the ground! Same re-hashed story lines, boring wrestlers with limited skills, WWE is unwatchable!

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