BCS Championship Tickets Going For The Cheapest In Years

BCS National Championship Tickets

There’s no denying the anticipation surrounding tonight’s National Championship game between Florida State and Auburn, but with the major distance between the universities and the Pasadena game site many fans are simply electing to watch the game at home.

ESPN has reported that the ticket prices for this year’s game are the lowest in recent history.

The median price of a ticket paid for the game on ticket resale site StubHub through Sunday was $799. That’s 45 percent cheaper than the median price paid for last year’s title game on the site ($1,459) and 47 percent cheaper than the median price paid for the game in 2012 ($1,528).

The last time the median price for a ticket paid on StubHub dipped below the $1,000 mark was in 2011, when Auburn played Oregon. The price paid on StubHub that year was $925.

Some of the tickets have even fallen below their face value. So, if there are any dollarnaires looking to cross attending a BCS Championship game off of their bucket list, this might be the most cost efficient time to do so.