Belichick Says Wes Welker Took Aqib Talib Out on Purpose


Well I’ll guess that Wes Welker and Bill Belichick won’t be having each other over for dinner this offseason. There was a questionable play yesterday where Welker took out Pats CB Aqib Talib on a play that the Broncos run pretty often. The play calls for the WRs to immediately block as the ball is thrown and Welker caugh Talib pretty good, forcing Talib out of the game.

Belichick didn’t take too kindly to the play:

It should be noted that Bill spoke about this to open his press conference. It wasn’t an answer to a question. Is this sour grapes because his team lost or does The Hoodie have a point?

Classic troll job by referring to Welker as “the receiver.”

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  • and video taping opponents is up and up? please

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