Bernard Pierce Exposes Man Catfishing Girls By Saying He’s a Ravens DB



The Tweet came out of the blue from Ravens Running Back Bernard Pierce.

A quick check of Kates Twitter page shows at least until recently his bio was said he was a defensive back for the Ravens (the bio has been changed, but below is a cache version of it from Google).

Dre Kates Ravens 2

Dre Kates Ravens

Kates for his part says that this should have been handled off line.

Dre Kates Ravens 3

It appears Kates was signed briefly with the Ravens as an undrafted Free Agent, but wasn’t on the team long. ┬áLike a lot of players like that he still used that line to pick up women.

I don’t blame Kates, I blame the women for not using Google.


  1. Andre was signed to the baltimore ravens as a priority free agent. Andre is a real person ive covered him since him signing to florida out of h.s. Your words are completely wrong. “Catfish” that means he faking ppl out to be something he is not but he was playin for them until getting released for breaking wrists.

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