Bob Stoops on Browns Rumors: “You never know”

bob stoops

Bob Stoops has been down this road before. Coming off a big victory over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last night, he finds himself thrust back into the NFL coaching rumor mill. More specifically with the Cleveland Browns. When asked about it here was his response via

“You never know,” Stoops said Friday morning during an interview session with beat writers.

Asked if it’s all speculation, Stoops said, “There’s a lot of that.”

So is that all this is?

“Sure,” Stoops said.

I personally believe this is the best time for Stoops to bolt to the NFL. If he doesn’t do it this year, that window is rapidly closing on him. Plus he gets to leave OU on a high note and has already won big there.

I would not be shocked to see him leave. However this could be a ploy to squeeze some more money out of the OU piggybank.