Brandon Jennings: Kevin Durant is the Best Player in the League

Kevin Durant

The shift in public perception on any topic is always fascinating to watch for me personally because for many, perception is reality. Regardless whether or not facts may state otherwise, the public consensus is always interesting to monitor and watch as it changes.

We’ve all seen the show Kevin Durant has put on lately as he has scored 30 points + in 12 straight games. He topped 30 again last night, even when being guarded primarily by one LeBron James. Pistons guard Brandon Jennings apparently saw the matchup and had this to say afterwards.

I think that is the season ended today, Durant would be the league MVP and I think it’s fair to say that if you’re talking just this season Durant has been the best player in the league.

Will that last in the playoffs? We’ll have to wait and see because over the past few seasons that is where LeBron has excelled.