Brett Favre On Legacies: “Peyton Manning Is Closest To Me”


Brett Favre says he feels for Peyton Manning, and understands what he goes through on a regular basis.

During an interview with USA Today, Favre said he understands the pressure that comes with passing records, tons of yards, but only one Super Bowl to show for it.

“I kind of laugh at that really,” Favre told USA TODAY Sports. “I heard the same thing in my career.

“Statistically speaking, if you’re middle of the road and won a lot of Super Bowls, it does a lot for you. But not as much if you win (just) one (Super Bowl) and put up big numbers.”

Favre says he’s really impressed with Manning’s longevity, and feels judging quarterbacks solely off Super Bowls is unfair.

“I know how hard it is to compete for that long. Peyton’s the closest to me in that respect. It’s tough to be good year in and year out, and week in and week out for that matter. I think it’s foolish to say his legacy will be affected at all.”

Favre also bridled at the fact that wins and losses go on quarterbacks’ records and are so easily referenced in defining them.

Including playoffs, Manning is now associated with 178 NFL victories, second only to Favre’s 199.

“I was fortunate to be part of a lot of winners, but it had nothing to do with me and everything to do with the team,” Favre said. “It takes a team to win, and it takes a team to lose. Obviously, you have a hand in it — obviously Peyton’s hand is a little bit bigger.”