BSO Interview: Mayweather’s Masseuse Doralie Medina on Makeup Line & The Money Team

Doralie Media Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team are unique characters in their own right. Because of them being featured on the various 24/7’s and now Showtime’s All-Access, many people wonder what are they like behind the scenes.

BSO had the opportunity to speak to Mayweather’s personal massage therapist Doralie Medina about her new makeup line BADMEDINA, the origin on how she became Floyd’s massage therapist, what it is really like being on The Money Team, coming out of her shell and how you can’t worry about what people think about you.

Photo Credit: TMT

9 thoughts on “BSO Interview: Mayweather’s Masseuse Doralie Medina on Makeup Line & The Money Team

  • I am a proud Mexican American. Who hates loud mouth cowards. I have been posting this all over the net. And there are not even one brave intelligent Floyd fan that could give a proper answer. ………If everyone from your own Profession, your own Circle, Your Own Race says you are a coward, You are truly a Coward!!. The very people who are supposed to watch your back are saying you are scared of Pacquiao. There is no amount of Fan’s explanations, Excuses and statistics could ever save your shameful facade.
    .American Boxing icons, experts and legends who confirms Mayweather is scared of Manny Pacquiao.
    1) Mike Tyson
    2) Roy jones jr
    3) Larry Holmes
    4) Marvin hagler
    5) Bert sugar – greatest boxing historian
    6) Michael Wilbon – espn
    7) sugar Ray Leonard
    8) Tim Bradley
    9) Oscar dela Hoya
    10) 50 cent – Boxing Promoter and best friend
    11) Max Ledermann
    12) Larry Merchant
    13) Stephen A Smith -Converted Die hard Fan.
    16) etc,etc,..

    Now, show me anyone. or any list of boxing experts more credible than this. saying Floyd is NOT afraid to face the Greatest.

  • why dont you fight manny yourself. you are not acting like you’re proud you are acting stalkish. grow up!

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