BSO Interviews Street Ballers For The Red Bull Midnight Run at Barclays


Everyone knows LeBron and Kobe, everyone knows the success stories of the baller who came from the street and made it to the league.

But, what about the baller who is still in the streets and  has dreams of finally making it to the NBA?

There are a lot more ballers like that, who aren’t playing for money or fame, but for the love of the game. Red Bull Midnight Run has brought those ballers together for a unique tournament that will hold its championship at the Barclays Center after the Heat vs. Nets game.

BSO will be in attendance and had a chance to speak to two of the ballers competing in the showcase.

Courtney Nelson

Derek Braxton JR.

Here is some more information about Red Bull Midnight Run and hopefully you will stay after the game to check it out.

The nationwide Red Bull Midnight Run competition kicked off June 1 with qualifying events in each of the nine metros – Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Each event consisted of the city’s top 100 players, including D-leaguers, street ballers, former college standouts, overseas players, and more. The eight best players from each of the basketball-heavy towns were selected based on their individual performance and will now represent their city in an epic final at Barclays Center on January 10.

There’s no cash prize or even an expensive prize package; this is for pride, for their city, for bragging rights and to stake claim that their hometown is the THE MOST TALENTED BASKETBALL CITY.