Bud Selig To Embark On Farewell Tour By Visiting Every MLB Stadium

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All I have to say is, this isn’t a good idea.

Bud Selig is a lot of things, well-liked isn’t one of them. So surprisingly Bud Selig announced his plans on Wednesday to embark on a farewell tour to visit every stadium to close out his 23-year career as commissioner.

Selig says Mariano’s final farewell was his inspiration…fascinating. Selig said the following to ESPN:

“I like talking to people. And … that’s what I want to do: [speak to] season-ticket holders, people who work at ballparks. I just like to walk around and talk to people. I love that. I did that when I ran the Brewers. And I enjoyed it. I miss that.

“Many people ask me, ‘Is there anything you miss [about owning a team]?’ And that’s it. I really miss all that. I knew every vendor. And you knew what they were thinking, too, because they’ll tell you, especially if your team is losing.”

Hopefully security will be beefed up on the day Selig comes to town, because this doesn’t show signs of ending well. After a legacy largely tarnished by his permissible attitude towards steroids, Selig has done more to hurt the sport than to help it.

Under his role as commissioner the hall of fame has become a circus, the witch hunt over A-Rod has taken the focus totally off the field and left and right big name players are still testing positive for PED’s. If I were Selig, I’d sit this one out.

Take a bow, and leave with some semblance of grace.