Cam Newton Compares His Improvement To A Software Update


Cam Newton Hands Team

Cam Newton’s improved game management skills, coupled with a top ranked defense have lead to the Carolina Panthers’ first playoff appearance since 2005. Many have said that Newton is finally living up to the expectations that come with being the number one pick in the NFL draft.

Newton also sees the growth in his play and compared it to a smart phone software update.

“We all have smart phones, and as a human I think we all need updates as well,” Newton said. “As we go through so much as a team, go through so much as a person, you understand and learn from the mistakes.

“When I say software update, I just press the install button. I don’t press ‘cancel’ or ‘remind me tomorrow.’ I press install, and hopefully that’ll take care of me.”

Beating the 49ers on Sunday will be the greatest challenge of his young NFL career. He’s going to need to make sure all of the bugs have been fixed with his latest update if he’s going to have a chance to lead his team to victory.

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