Cam Newton Says Playoff Football Played at Different Speed

Cam Newton Bow Tie

One thing playoff experience helps you with is controlling your emotions. I think the Panthers were too hyped up and when that adrenaline wore off, they just were beat down by a more experience, battle tested team.

But, it is a good learning experience and Cameron seems to know now, that it is a different ball game when you get into the playoffs.  Here is what he had to say courtesy of PFT.

Playoff football is a different speed than regular season. I learned that firsthand today,” Newton said, via the team’s official website. “You have to seize the moment when the moment allows. We had too many opportunities that slipped through our hands, and that was just the story of the day.”

“Going into this game we were amped and ready to go, but you have to play four quarters of football, and we didn’t do that today,” Newton said. “A lot of credit goes to the 49ers and their preparation and how they executed the game plan today. We didn’t make enough plays.”

The Panthers defense is set, so now they have to go about getting Cameron more weapons, because the offense could use a lot of upgrading.