Carl Crawford’s Baby Mama Gets $10K a Month But Wants More

carl crawford

Carl Crawford of the L.A. Dodgers who was recently engaged to reality TV star Evelyn Lozada, is currently in a full custody war with his ex girlfriend and the mother of his 2 children Amy Freeman. Crawford claims that despite putting his children in private schools and giving his baby mama $10,000 per month, she is trying to get even more out of him.

Crawford’s pissed that Freeman recently picked up and moved the family from Arizona to L.A. — claiming she’s trying to squeeze him for more money with the help of CA’s more favorable child support laws.

Now, Crawford has filed new docs claiming the judge should force her to stay in AZ because it’s not only best for their children … but because he takes damn good care of her in the Grand Canyon state.

Freeman claims that the only reason she moved to LA was so that the kids could be closer to their father. I find it disturbing that a man would want his children further away from him in order to keep his child support payments down. Especially a man with a $142 million contract. Right now the $120,000 a year that he gives baby mama #1 isn’t even .1% of that. Freeman shouldn’t be a leach but paying her a little bit more won’t affect his lifestyle in the slightest.

11 thoughts on “Carl Crawford’s Baby Mama Gets $10K a Month But Wants More

  • What in the hell is the author talking about? You calculated that the child support amount was less than 1% of his total contract, not his yearly payout. He doesn’t receive 142million every year. And with taxes he’ll be lucky to 65% of that top amount. Furthermore, 10k a month, plus school expenses is more than enough for a child. He was never married to the mother so it’s not his responsibility to take care of her. You tell me what child can’t live comfortably off of 10k, which is more like 15k a month because it’s not taxed?

    • I totally agree

  • Figure the author (a female) would believe he should have to pay more. $120,000 a year isn’t enough. Does she work, if so her income adds even more to it. He pays for the schools and I’m sure he pays medical, dental, etc.. She wants more so her lazy butt can sit around and live the high life. I don’t have sympathy for Crawfore (Lozado is going to take him to the bank too) but don’t try to justify greedy women who use children as a source of financial extortion.

  • Also, Simone, don’t use percentages to say he should pay more. The simple fact is, it doesn’t matter want percentage of his pay goes to child support, the question is, Does the amount he pay provides a significant contribution to their well being. Not her well being, but the childrens. Also 10k is just for child support, when you calculate is school tuition, medical, dental, and other contriutions, is substantially more than 10k.

  • The writer of this story is another blackwoman who thinks its cool for women to get knocked up and live off of the kids daddy. 10K a month for the kids is more than enough. Sad state of women out here today.

  • If her claim to bring the children closer to their father was the real issue, I would agree. But Crawford has been in LA for a while. So I find it interesting that all of a sudden they need to be closer. Seems she had no problem with that arrangement before she found out that he was dropping her like a Hot Pocket for the reality star. I am usually on the side of the woman but this does seem like a money grab because she is upset that he left her.

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