Carmelo Calls Rumors Of Trade To Clippers ‘Stupid’


Chris Broussard may actually have some pretty good sources, but all those involved in his latest trade rumor are crying foul.

 Broussard reported a few days ago that the Knicks and Clippers have had discussions about a Carmelo Anthony for Blake Griffin swap.

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers called the report stupid, and made up.  The man at the center of the trade rumor has spoken up about as well.

Carmelo Anthony was asked about the rumor and even though he loves Chris Paul, he told the New York Post that “the report was stupid, and silly.”

“Everybody talks about it,’’ Anthony said of one day playing with Paul. “Back to the USA team [in 2008]. Those three guys did it [LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh]. It happens. Everybody always says they want to play with this guy and that guy. But me and Chris have been rumored since he [came] to the NBA. There’s always been trade rumors trying to get us together. It never happened. Like [a Post report] said, it was stupid and silly.’’

Until the trade deadline passes, I’d advise my readers to believe nothing you read or hear.