Carmelo on Wife Lala: “She stood by my side through thick and thin”


NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony will be gracing the cover of the February issue of Ebony magazine along with his wife of four years, Lala Anthony. In the spread, Carmelo opened up about why he loves his wife and how she has supported him since the beginning of their relationship.

“There were people coming in and out of my life, and I didn’t really know whom to trust. She was one of the people who stood by my side through thick and thick,” Carmelo told EBONY. “Even to this day, she’s always right there.”

With all of the troubles he is having in New York this season, I imagine Lala is on support overload. Despite all of that, Carmelo has a beautiful wife and son that he gets to go home to so I would say he’s blessed.



2 thoughts on “Carmelo on Wife Lala: “She stood by my side through thick and thin”

  • I can’t tell you the number of times I over hear little black girls say they want to be basketball wives. It frustrates me. I prefer to hear them say they want to be doctors, dentists, lawyers or teachers. We don’t need any more La La’s or Gabrielle Unions. We need more women like Michelle Obama, Susan Rice and Michelle Alexander(She worote the book New Jim Crow).

    • Exactly. People seem to forget this woman LaLa has spent over $1 million on plastic surgery. I remember her when she was a DJ on MTV and chubby wearing husky jeans! She’s just another groupie that got another dummy in Melo.

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