Charles Barkley Says Lions ‘Have No Idea How to Play Football’


The Detroit Lions roster on paper is a thing of beauty. Most coaches would swoon at the opportunity to coach a group of men that, for all intents and purposes, should be winning games left and right and playoff bound every year. Charles Barkley seems to have figured out the problem that causes the Lions to continually underachieve according to CBS Sports. According to Barkley, the Lions are no less different that the NBA teams who have all the talent but just can’t seem to get it together.

“The Detroit Lions would be the perfect example of a team that’s got a bunch of talent that don’t have no clue, any clue, how to play football.”

“In the NBA I could go over a bunch of teams like that — who have a bunch of talent but they are never going to win. But when I watch that Detroit Lions team play, I’m like ‘Wow, man they got a lot of talent, but they have no idea how to play football.’ And it’s frustrating to watch because I’m a fan. I’m a fan. I want to see greatness. Anytime I watch sports I want to see greatness.”

These profound statements by Barkley are hardly anything new. I’m pretty sure that everyone knew that the Lions were talented in theory but that it just didn’t translate on the field. Now that the organization has decided to part ways with head coach Jim Schwartz, we can only hope that his successor can do an overhaul a la Andy Reid and the Chiefs.

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  • I lost all respect for Barkley when he put on the dress. Anyway Barkley should stick to basketball and stop talking about football!

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