Charles Woodson On Brady: “I’m The Reason He’s Married To Gisele”


Before everyone gets in an uproar, Woodson was joking.

It’s still funny as hell.

Woodson appeared on NFL Network Sunday morning and the conversation of the infamous tuck rule game came up.  If you’re not familiar, this was the final game played at  Foxboro stadium and it would change the fortunes of so many involved.

The name “Tuck Rule Game” originates from the controversial game-changing play in which then Raiders’ cornerback Charles Woodson sacked Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady, causing a fumble recovered by the Raiders.

Officials reviewed the play, and eventually determined that Brady’s arm was moving forward, thus making it an incomplete pass and not a fumble.

The Patriots of course went on to win the game, the Super Bowl and start a decade of dominance.  Woodson said Tom Brady owes him his life because of that call.

“Tom Brady owes me his house. I’m the reason he’s married to who he’s married to. They overturned that call”

Woodson of course is insinuating that if it wasn’t for that call being reversed, Brady wouldn’t have went on to become possibly the greatest quarterback in the history of the league, and thus wouldn’t have landed the beautiful Gisele Bundchen as his wife.


Again Charles is a Michigan man, so I know he was joking.

It definitely allows for entertaining conversation on Brady and how life may have turned out.