Charlie Strong and Family Throw Hook Em Horns (Photo)

Strong and family

It looks like Charlie Strong and his family have landed in Austin and pictured here throwing up the hook ’em horns sign for what I assume is the first time.

The look quite happy to be in Austin and hopefully will just tune out being described as “not a hip-hop coach.”

7 thoughts on “Charlie Strong and Family Throw Hook Em Horns (Photo)

  • Now that Charlie Strong is the head coach, maybe the best players in the state of Texas will choose to play for Texas. Some of the state’s best players end up going to Alabama, Oklahoma, Auburn and other universities. One of Strong’s missions is to recruit the state’s best players to put on the orange jersey and committ to the Longhorns! Signing day is only a few weeks away!

    • This is not really a big deal right now. Top ranked TX kids are not leaving the state in huge numbers. Bama has only gotten two highly ranked TX kids in the past two years (Robinson and Brown I believe), Auburn has gotten zero, and Oklahoma has not recruited the state of TX well for the last few years which is why they have had to go more national in recruiting. Even with UT slipping, OU has not done well in the state due to the rise of A&M, Baylor, and to a certain extent TCU.

      For the past two years, some of the top kids have been choosing A&M and Baylor over UT. LSU is also a powerhouse that has been able to pull a couple of top kids out of TX, but they have always been able to get a top recruit here and there from the state, even when UT was on top. The only anomaly has been Ohio State who has never really had a major presence in the State, but has managed to pull I believe three top kids out of TX over the past two years since Meyer took over. But once UT starts winning big again, this will all take care of itself. Believe it or not, Mack Brown was still able to pull in decent recruiting classes and get some top kids in the state, even with his horrible record over the past four years. Top kids did not start looking over UT until 2012 which coincided with A&M’s rise under Sumlin. Brown left UT with a roster stacked full of top recruits, but none of those stars matter unless there is a good coaching staff in place to develop that talent. So as a UT fan, I’m not really worried about recruiting, just coaching. We have a bunch of 4 and 5 stars on the roster now who are entitled, under developed, under utilized, soft, and etc. I think Strong can get that fixed. Strong is the complete opposite of Mack Brown which is why UT chose him. They will let him do his job. The administration, boosters, and fans are tired of winning the money game and press conference titles, and want to see more wins on the field and championship titles.

  • Ok ladies, I know most of you continue to hate RG3, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. I kindly ask all of you not to hate Charlie Strong! This is the first black head coach hired by the Longhorns. He is under a tremendous amount of pressure on and off the gridiron. He and his family need our support.

    • You need to be more worried about the good old boys than what black women supposedly are thinking. Not every black woman is enraged and sleep/breath/eat/drink what non black women black men are with, so stop with the dramatics

  • Good luck to him……..

  • Well Lou Holtz said Coach Strong isn’t a Hip Hop coach so the world should breathe a sigh of relief lol. Good luck to the Coach.

  • If he is still there in 3 yrs my son will be playing for him at UT!!!

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