Broussard’s Sources Say Melo for Blake Griffin Trade Been Discussed

Chris Broussard Sources

Take this for what it is worth.

With the looming possibility of Carmelo Anthony departing New York as a free agent this summer, New York Knicks officials have discussed proposing a trade for the Los Angeles ClippersBlake Griffin, according to league sources.

Sources say Clippers management has also had internal discussions about such a deal.

The Clippers are on the Knicks’ radar because it is an open secret throughout the league that Anthony and the Clippers star point guard, Chris Paul, have wanted to play together since 2010. That sentiment among the two players has not changed, according to sources.

Chris also says that the teams haven’t talked to one another, which sort of makes this report useless.

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  • Not sure how credible Chris Broussard is, but if the Clippers did this, say goodbye to any possibility of winning the Western Conference Championship. ‘Melo is overrated!

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