Concussions are Not the Most Frequent Injury in the NFL


If you think the head is the body part that gets injured the most in the NFL, well, that is actually incorrect. Head injuries only count for 7.1% of NFL injuries.

“Knee injuries account for 22.3% of more than 1,3000 injuries players players incurred on the field, according to an analysis of NFL injury data by SimpleTherapy.”

In addition, lower-body injuries make up 63% of all injuries.




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Simple Therapy Co-founder Nic Gay does not find this information surprising at all.

“We think this is partially due to the fact that the weight of the body rests on the legs, and this area also takes many hits during a game,” he said. As an example, Gay mentioned the severe knee injury suffered by San Francisco 49ers star linebacker NaVorro Bowman in the NFC title game.”

Cold weather can impact a player’s body, tightening the muscles and making it easier for strains and tears. Hopefully, viewers will not have to witness any serious injuries during the 2014 Super Bowl.