Cop Who Shot Former FAMU Football Player Will Not Be Indicted


A jury has decided that they will not indict the Charlotte police officer who shot and killed former FAMU football player Jonathan Farrell. Randall Kerrick was arrested and charged with manslaughter after he fired 10 shots into an unarmed Ferrell who was searching for help after crashing his vehicle. According to Global Grind, the jury did not feel like it had enough evidence to indict Kerrick on the charge, however they suggested that the prosecutor refile the case with a lesser charge.

“We the Grand Jury respectfully request that the district attorney submit a bill of indictiment to a lesser- included or related offense,” the court papers stated.

The Attorney General’s Office has said that it plans on resubmitting the charges against Kerrick but Ferrell’s family is skeptical that their son will receive justice.

“While we are pleased that the Attorney General is going to resubmit the charges against Randall Kerrick to a new Grand Jury on Monday, we are skeptical given their inability to secure an indictment yesterday,” the statement reads. “Jonathan Ferrell was a quality human being who worked hard and cared for those around him.  He deserved better.”

The family says no matter what the Grand Jury decides, they will ensure his family “realizes justice for Jonathan and all Americans.”

These type of cases are becoming all too common. To fire 10 shots into an unarmed man and not receive any consequences is despicable. Prayers go out to the friends and family of Jonathan Ferrell.


One thought on “Cop Who Shot Former FAMU Football Player Will Not Be Indicted

  • The judge gives the jury pretty explicate instructions as to what the evidence must show to deliver a guilty verdict on a particular charge and during those instructions the judge tells the jury over and over about what must be met and the whole beyond a reasonable doubt requirement , in this case it appears to be manslaughter and apparently the jury did not believe the evidence met the requirement. You would need hear the case the same way they did and be in the jury room to know how they arrived at their decision.

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