D Wade Says Love Child Has Made Him a Better Man

Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union

While posting pics on Instagram of their New Year’s Eve celebration here is what Wade had to say about 2013.

“Brought the NewYrs in with my beautiful fiancé and great friends…2013 was filled with ups and downs…without them u can’t grow. So I’m better now becuz of them. 2014 I’m ready…#UnionWade.”

Life is about ups and downs. I am glass half full type of guy, so I hope everything works out for Wade, Gabby, Aja, Damon Wayans JR., Wade’s Ex and all the kids.

Fresh start in 2014.

2 thoughts on “D Wade Says Love Child Has Made Him a Better Man

  • He’s so ratchet. Ew.

  • Gabbrielle Union and Robin Givens have alot in common. Both of those chicks are over 40. Both chicks are terrible actresses. Gabby and Robin constantly chase after rich professional athletes. Before they married pro athletes, they were big time hoes to pro athletes. Finally, both are conniving gold diggers who will do anything for money! A black woman over 40 acting like that; That’s just as bad as a 40 year old man still going to clubs!

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