Dallas Jury Deciding Ex-Cowboy Josh Brent’s Fate In Manslaughter Case

Josh Brent Jury

It’s been a little over a year since former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter following a car crash that killed his teammate Jerry Brown.

Following today’s closing arguments, a jury of 12 is currently deliberating whether or not prosecutors were able to prove that the crash that killed Brown was the result of Brent being legally intoxicated when he was behind the wheel during the early-morning hours of December 8, 2012.

The jury’s determination will likely hinge on whether or not they trust the reliability of tests that were conducted on Brent to determine his blood alcohol level after the crash.

Prosecutors introduced evidence that Brent’s blood alcohol level was more than two times the legal limit to help support their intoxication manslaughter charge, while Brent’s attorneys argued that the prosecution failed to prove that Brent was intoxicated and instead suggested that the accident happened because Brent was speeding.

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UPDATE:  The Dallas-Morning News reports that jurors have been sequestered for the evening after failing to reach a verdict today.  Deliberations are expected to resume tomorrow.