Dallas Morning News Says Charlie Strong Isn’t a “Hip-Hop Coach”


What does this even mean?

This is quite possibly one of the most offensive headlines I have ever seen.


When I was in High School, I went over one of my friends house who happened to be white and his father was there. My friend and I were cool, we never talk about black and white things, we were just friends. So, I am over his house and his father is watching the news. Some black guy got arrested and his father starts dropping “N-Bombs”.

I was in shocked because I was sitting right there, I told my friend I was uncomfortable and he said something that I’ll never forget.

“Rob, you are different black guy, not like those N*ggers”

Meaning that some white people are cool with a certain type of black person, as if we still aren’t all black and that suppose to make their prejudice, stereotypes and racism ok.

The Dallas Morning News tries to blame Lou Holtz, but it was their headline and they knew exactly what they were doing.

“Not a Hip-Hop Coach = Black guy who prejudice white people are going to attempt to like.”

I hope Strong knows what he is in for in Texas.

26 thoughts on “Dallas Morning News Says Charlie Strong Isn’t a “Hip-Hop Coach”

  • texas will suck in 2014 whether he is hip or not. who gives a shit. win some damn games

  • I have a different perspective here. When I was in middle school my father was transferred to a different location and the school I went to was predominantly black. Let’s just say that I was a target because of my skin color. The difference is that who was I going to complain to? White people aren’t allowed to be victims of racism? Even the football coach thought it was hilarious that his running back was a “cracker” (his words). So before you get on your high horse maybe you should lead by example and judge people based on their value not their skin color. Maybe start by changing the name of this site from “blacksportsonline”.

  • Robert, I can relate to your childhood experience. It’s not new or unique. I was once playing with friends in my neighbor’s yard when a car pulled in. They muttered “dirty Jews!” Then they turned to me and said, “Oh, not you–your one of the clean ones”.
    There was a time in my lifetime when there were no black players in the Sugar Bowl, when the idea of hiring a black head coach in Texas was considered preposteous, and where the mere thought of hiring a black head coach with a white wife was grounds for an even more troubling response. The fact that both Texas and Texas A&M have black football coaches speaks volumes for how far we as a society have come. There will always be the bigots, but what’s important is that the institutions have moved beyond the old thinking.

  • Texas, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, UCLA, Stanford, Washtington, Miami and Mississippi State have all hired black head coaches. Thank you! USC, Arizona State, CAL, San Diego State and Oregon have never hired minority head coaches. Shocking that not one but four schools from the south would hire black head coaches before the premier west coast schools!

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