Damien Wayans Says Richard Sherman Set Black People Back 30 Years (Video)

Damien Wayans

I would hope that more black people would aspire to be like Richard Sherman. If every black male in the country could carry a 4.2 GPA at Stanford we would all be better off.

I don’t think WWE Promos after a football game is what is holding back the black community and never forget Damien Wayans family did the movie “White Chicks”, so he really doesn’t have much room to talk.

4 thoughts on “Damien Wayans Says Richard Sherman Set Black People Back 30 Years (Video)

  • All the shyt the Wayans have put out over the years and he can say that….yeah right

  • I guess he was talking about perpetuating the stereo-type but I’m not sure he has any room to talk.

  • Aspire to be like Richard Sherman academically, yes. The manner in which he carried himself with the manner that African Americans are already stigmatized, no. The is a level of class and dignity that as a Stanford man he did not display. I understand heat of the moment but if heat of the moment is going to be your excuse for every time you act a fool on national tv then I’m sorry you need not to speak at all. He felt the way he felt about Crabtree there are other ways to express that. Last time I checked he was a grown man. As an African American I can agree with his behavior & frankly I was embarrassed.

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