Daniel Cormier Says Rashad Evans is Tougher Opponent Than Champ Jon Jones

Cormier vs Evans UFC 170

Daniel Cormier’s upcoming UFC 170 fight against Rashad Evans will be his first in the Light-Heavyweight division. Cormier has done extremely well in the heavyweight division but Dana White is really pushing for the Jon Jones vs Cormier fight. Daniel’s wrestling skills could really present a challenge for the champion Jones, but in the meantime he has to deal with Evans.

Evans stopped Chael Sonnen in his last fight but he hasn’t been an elite fighter in the weight class for quite some time. Cormier seems to think otherwise and said as much in a recent interview:

“He’s got a different set of skills than Jones, obviously. I think Rashad’s actually a little more difficult to take down, for me than it would be [to take down] a guy with longer limbs. I don’t mind wrestling a guy with long limbs. I think it works to my advantage because I can get to their legs. Rashad doesn’t kick as much. Kicking actually feeds your opponent the leg. Jon kicks more so that’s easier to grab take downs. Rashad, you know, is just a more dynamic type of fighter. In terms of one-punch knockout power, he has more than Jones does.”

Cormier’s biggest challenge won’t be the opponent in the cage, but the weight loss needed to drop down to the 205 lb qualifying weight. HE’s always looked a bit sloppy and a weight cut of roughly 30 lbs will have to start with losing some flab.