Davone Bess Former Coach Says He Needs Help


When Cleveland Browns WR Davone Bess was arrested for attacking a cop at a Florida airport, it became apparent that this was no longer a case of smoking weed and listening to Bob Marley. There seems to be something more serious going on with Bess, and TMZ reports that Bess’ former coach at the University of Hawaii, Richard Miano, is hoping that his former star receiver gets some help soon.

Miano cites recent events in Bess’ personal life as a possible source of his erratic behavior but says that Bess has always shown himself to be a good person.

“He’d come back to Hawaii every year and seemed like he was doing the right things, community service, things with children, it really seemed like he had transformed his life.”

 “Davone was somewhat of a model citizen at UH. There weren’t any signs that he was a time bomb waiting to happen.”

“He’s just gotta get help.”

Bess missed the last two games of the regular season for personal reasons and the Browns are investigating him for tweeting pictures of weed and a blunt.