DeAngelo Hall Says He Has Indian in His Family, But Backtracks on Redskins Name Change

DeAngelo Hall

Where have I heard this type of line before? DeAngelo Hall is no backing off his statement about the Redskins changing their name. The reason why is he has Indian in his family:

“I’m not Native American. I have some in my background – my granddad was part – but I can’t claim to understand where they’re coming from or their viewpoint, so for me to say what’s right or wrong or what should be changed is out of my pay grade,” Hall said. “That decision ultimately – you know me, all teammates and I have stayed away from this topic. It’s one where you really can’t be right. Somebody’s going to view it one way, and somebody’s going to view it the other way. So, it’s not my team, as far as owning the team to make a change. That burden falls on Dan Snyder and the rest of the ownership committee.”

This is probably a smart move on his part if he would like Dan Snyder to keep signing the checks. Of course he is sympathetic to the cause though since he has part Native American in him. Or in his dad.