Denver-Seattle Museums Bet Artwork in Super Bowl Wager

"Sound of Waves"

Denver and Seattle museums are getting in on the trash talking. L.A. Times is reporting that the directors of the Seattle Art Museum and the Denver art museum have placed a wager on the Super Bowl outcome.

If the Seahawks win, fans in the great Northwest will be able to come out of the rain for a look at Frederic Remington’s 1895 bronze sculpture, “The Broncho Buster,” which the Denver Art Museum will be compelled to ship west on a three-month loan.

But if Manning should punctuate the greatest season a National Football League quarterback ever had by plucking the Seahawks’ feathers on Sunday, the Denver Art Museum will bag a trophy bird — an eagle perched beside the sea with outstretched wings depicted in “Sound of Waves,” a 12-foot-wide drawing on screen panels done in 1901 by Japanese artist Tsuji Kako.

The fact that art museums are wagering valuable items proves just how powerful the Super Bowl is. What other event can bring art and sports together?