DeSean Jackson Rants on Instagram About Wanting New Contract


I’m trying to be patient with DeSean Jackson, but everytime we take a step forward in our relationship, we take four back.

We reported yesterday on the comments Jackson made to CSN Philly in regards to a new contract.  

On locker clean out day, DeSean says he deserves a new contract: “I definitely feel it’s something deserving. We’ll see how that plays out.”

DeSean: “Hopefully we can work things out smoothly & not have to worry about anything out of the ordinary. I definitely feel it’s deserving”

Jackson now is backpedaling from those statements, and blaming the media for misconstruing his words.  Jackson took to Instagram to vent about people lying on him.

Shit a shame I’m Worried about Having a great off season & enjoying time wit my Fam & love 1’s God has a great plan for me !! I’m BLESSED CANT STOP THAT ‘ Word up ‘


The question now is were those reports about Jackson wanting  a new deal eronious or just misleading?    Here’s the video of Jackson’s exit interview with reporters, and nowhere in the interview did DeSean use the terms restructure or redo.

Jackon has two years remaining on his deal, but his concern is in regards to the guaranteed portion of the deal.  DeSean has no more guarantees, and could be cut or released at any point for salary cap purposes.

He simply shouldn’t have said anything and allowed his agent to handle the contract.  Instead DeSean comes off like a guy who still doesn’t get the hint.

Jackson talked about not being a distraction this year and balling out for the team.  That’s what you’re suppposed to do.  So can expect DeSean to become a distraction now if he doesn’t get more guaranteed money?

Only time will tell.