DeSean Jackson Robbed of $250k Cash, $125k Jewels & 2 Guns

Desean Jackson Chain 2

They have these things called banks.

Jaccpot Records CEO might want to use them.

Jackson was robbed of $250k in cash, $125 in jewelry and 2 semi-automatic handguns according to Fox Philly.

No one deserves to be robbed, but Jackson shouldn’t have such a large quantity of money and jewelry just laying around his house.  One of the problems according to witnesses, Jackson and his family had a ton of traffic going in and out of the house. Considering there were guns in the home, very lucky no one was hurt.

Don’t be shocked if it was an inside job. No arrests have been made and Jackson has made no comment.


2 thoughts on “DeSean Jackson Robbed of $250k Cash, $125k Jewels & 2 Guns

  • DeSean Jackson might want to consider hiring bodyguards. That is what I would do. Glad he wasn’t killed.

  • Stupid because it is free.

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