Did ESPN Purposefully Try to Make it Seem Cam Newton Walked Out of Interview?

Cam Newton

I watched the majority of Cam Newton’s interview on The NFL Network. He was upset at the lost which is understandable and it appeared he may have been crying before the press conference.

But, he spoke for almost 10 minutes and answered every question that was asked of him. I readily admit I don’t watch ESPN First Take, so I had no idea this clip even existed until I saw it on Larry Brown Sports.

Now, if you just watched the clip and didn’t watch the entire press conference, it looks like Cameron just walked off the podium because he was mad at the question about Kaepernick doing the Superman Celebration.

Is that what ESPN and First Take wanted it to look like or was this just a case of them needed a small clip and they took the most interesting part?

It could go either way, but they could have made it clear that Cam did speak for the entire time and didn’t just walk off.

Larry Brown points out that someone signaled to Cam there wouldn’t be any more questions.  I can’t say for sure it was a diabolical plot, even if their track record is shaky at best. They wanted to talk about Kap’s Superman Celebration and pulled the question from press conference.  It just happened to be the last question and not one in the middle.

The overall point is that there are times HOT TAKE is more important than the REALITY in media, so try not to jump to conclusions until you know the full story.

4 thoughts on “Did ESPN Purposefully Try to Make it Seem Cam Newton Walked Out of Interview?

  • No doubt ESPN as well as Jim Rome love to make high profile black athletes out to be bad guys. Fancy audio and visual editing is what is stressed at the four letter network. The take sells better than the truth and the facts. By the way, I’m surprised that ESPN hired a black woman to host that show, especially a black woman who has a past scandal. Look it up.

  • Football player mock other football players TD celebrations ALL THE TIME…..it’s NOT a big deal….who cares……if a team wants to stop a mock TD celebration then KEEP THE OTHER TEAM OUT OF THE ENDZONE!!!!!

  • This was no big deal when Aaron Rodgers was doing the heavyweight championship belt celebration and people mocked him all the time with it.

  • Looks like a little black on black mocking goin on. Lets inject some race bating into this why dont we?

    PS – Cam spoke after the loss not after the “lost”. A little educational editing goes a long way.

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