Dwyane Wade Says He Won’t Become a 6th Man


Dwyane Wade Drama

Wade wants the talk that it might be better for him to come off the bench permanently to stop immediately.

Here are his comments courtesy of USA Today.

“I haven’t came off the bench since the ’08 Olympics and I haven’t came off the bench in Miami since my rookie year (2003-04), (when he was) coming back from injury,” Wade said. “I asked (Spoelstra) to do that (against the Spurs), but I didn’t ask him to take me out of the starting lineup for the whole year … We can quit that conversation right now. It was just something right there (in) that game. I’ll get back to my role with this team tomorrow.”

At some point in his career, Wade might have to consider a 6th man position just to elongate his career. Can’t keep taking so many breaks.