Eagles Fan Spits in Saints Fan Face (Video)

eagles fan

There is no need for this.

It is just a game, this is how people end up getting stabbed, shot or beat up at stadiums. Your team lost, his team won, don’t spit in anyone’s face.

The Eagles fans as a whole had a very bad night. They were booing legitimate injuries and just being unruly. Do better and have some class.

5 thoughts on “Eagles Fan Spits in Saints Fan Face (Video)

  • He didn’t need to spit in his face, but the other guy just kept instigating. Yes your team won, but there’s no need to brag about. He’s probably enjoying the victory because he knows the Saints are going to get smashed by the Seahawks next week.

    • IT does not matter. You have a right to cheer your team and say whatever you want as long as you aren’t touching or abusing anyone. The guy he spit on is a football player from Nicholls State, and he beat him down after the video stopped apparently until police came. He walked away no problem, because of the video he took.

  • Totally ridiculous…yes, booing of injuries because they were believed to be fake as some were to slow down the offense. Come on, man….

    AND one fan spitting in this video, let’s tar and feather *this* fan.

    Total kerosene on a stereotype fire. Hack…

  • Meh. Unsurprising, coming from Eagles’ fans. Garbage losing organization, garbage loser fanbase.

  • If this dude was sitting in the upper deck – you would be reading the obituary.

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