Eagles Mychal Kendricks Wants Rihanna To Call Him (Video)

Mychal Kendricks is a tackling machine, and the budding star for the Eagles recently drew the attention of the man eater herself, Rihanna.  

After getting over the Eagles playoff exit and having some time to chill, Kendricks has now gotten up the nerve to respond to RiRi’s “bird call.”

TMZ caught up with a visibly nervous Kendricks, and the hard hitting middle linebacker wants Rihanna to get at him if she has his number.

If Kendricks experiences a decline in play next season, you’ll know why.

Rumble young Kendricks, Rumble.



2 thoughts on “Eagles Mychal Kendricks Wants Rihanna To Call Him (Video)

  • Honestly,I am Rihanna’s big fan but I’m so sad that shes talking too long to respond on Mychal Kendricks call.Rihanna told the world that she has a crush on Mychal Kendricks and Mychal Kendricks looks like he love Rihanna so why is it taking so long cos we have been waiting for the beautiful new couple step out to the world.Plz Rihanna Mychal Kendricks waiting for your call so plz dear call him.I’m dying to see you dating.

  • Take this Kendricks,Rihanna said on Ellen Show she doesn’t want to be a boss in a relationship cos she is a boss at work.She said that she want a man who will take control and do things that she will like it in a relationship.I can see that you love Rihanna so go for it into any level to reach her.Stop saying in media you are waiting for her call but go to her close friends i.e. Melisa Ford and other to connect yourself to Rihanna.Its not a shame to do that cos that what shes waiting for to take a stand as she did take her own stand by telling the world your are her MCM.Go for it Kendricks cos shes very single.Rihanna loves you and make your move for her,look for her b4 your sport season open.All the best Kendricks.

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