Eli Manning Handling Peyton’s Super Bowl Ticket Requests


What good are little brothers if they can’t handle the tedious things while you are preparing for a Super Bowl.

Eli Manning is likely to have less free time this week than his older brother who just happens to be starting in the Super Bowl.  According to CBSSports.com, the young Manning’s biggest job this week besides being an ambassador for the city, is to handle Peyton’s enormous ticket request.

“He’s asked for a number for me to try to get and I hit that number,” Eli said during a conference call on Thursday. “Unless he has a few surprises, I’m in good shape right now.”

Eli lives in Hoboken, NJ, which is about 10 miles away from East Rutherford, NJ, where theSuper Bowl will be played on Feb. 2. Eli didn’t get the ticket job though because of his proximity to the game, he got it, because apparently that’s a thing with the Manning brothers.

If one brother makes it to the Super Bowl, the other brother handles ticket requests.

“We try to help out in any way you can,” Peyton said after practice on Thursday, via Yahoo.com. “That’s certainly a way I’ve been helpful to him and he’s been helpful to me, over the past two I’ve played in and he’s helped me out again this year. You certainly appreciate that.”

The pressure Eli must be under.