Evidence Released Connecting Aaron Hernandez to Double Murder in 2012

Aaron hernandez

Aaron Hernandez hasn’t been charged with the double murder, but the Boston Police has released this information showing how he could be possibly linked to the double murder.

Which begs the question if they have all this evidence why hasn’t he been charged?

The courant breaks the evidence down.

The document, filed as part of the probe and released Tuesday in Superior Court in Bristol, indicates police suspect Hernandez was in an SUV that circled a block waiting for the victims to enter their own vehicle before the 2 a.m. drive-by shooting. The silver SUV then pulled up next to the victims’ car at a stoplight, and someone inside fired five or six shots in rapid progression, killing two and injuring one of the five men in the other car. The warrant does not indicate whether there is evidence that Hernandez was the man who pulled the trigger.

Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado were killed in the gunfire early on July 16, 2012, shortly after they left Cure Lounge with three of their friends. Earlier in the night, surveillance footage showed Hernandez and Alexander Bradley –who filed a civil lawsuit accusing Hernandez of shooting him in the eye in February – at the same Boston nightclub.

It doesn’t say Aaron Hernandez was the shooter and it also points out that Hernandez had no connection to the victims.