Ex-Bengal Carl Pickens Arrested For Attacking Wife After Movie Date


Carl Pickens

In Georgia this week former Cincinnati Bengals Pro-Bowler Carl Pickens was arrested after cops say he attacked his wife and pinned her down by her neck.  From the TMZ report:

According to the Gwinnett County Police Department, Pickens and his wife got into an argument on Dec. 5th … and it was all about why his wife allowed her friend to join them on a movie date.

Cops say the argument escalated … with Pickens slamming her onto a couch and then pinning her down by the neck.

Cops say … Carl’s wife says the ex-NFL star also threw various objects around the house and then stormed out.

When cops arrived to the scene, cops say they could see a bruise on the woman’s neck.


There is no real excuse for putting your hands on a woman like that if true. The story is still developing and we will keep you updated.


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