Ex-Bengal Carl Pickens Found Hiding In Attic From Police (Mugshot)


Yesterday we told you about Former Bengals WR Carl Pickens being arrested for allegedly beating his wife after a movie date night. Now the details of his man hunt have come out. It turns out that he was hiding from the cops in the attic and came crashing through the ceiling:

When deputies arrived to Carl’s home to arrest him for domestic battery, his wife lied and told the deputies he wasn’t there … but then cops heard a “loud crashing sound” coming from the ceiling.

Cops proceeded to inspect the house and saw “a fresh hole in the ceiling from the attic where Mr. Pickens had partially fallen.”

Wow. What a way to get caught.

One thought on “Ex-Bengal Carl Pickens Found Hiding In Attic From Police (Mugshot)

  • The wife should face charges for lying about not knowing where he was……she probably rushed to call police and then changed her mind after the call was made…..

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