Ex-NFL Jarvis Green Almost Scammed Out of $250k for Heat Tickets

Jarvis Green

The same guy that scammed Warren Moon for $200k, almost got Jarvis Green for $250k, but Green was a little smarter than Moon.

Here is how he figured out the scam according to TMZ.

Green said the guy sounded legit at first … explaining, “He was telling me about LeBron James, courtside seats … can you imagine high-fiving LeBron?”

The guy wanted more than $250k from Green — but when the ex-NFL star started considering the offer, he became suspicious.

“It sounded amazing, but I kept thinking, ‘Why Jarvis Green? Why not Tom Brady?’ Something was off … but I was excited.”

Green says … when the con man started pushing for bank account information, he contacted the Miami Heat to investigate. The Heat quickly called BS on the scheme and contacted the FBI. 

We’re told the feds got in touch with Green — and opened up an investigation. 

So, the moral of the story is if someone says you can be part owner of the Heat, call the Heat first, before handing over bank information.