Ex-Noles RB: ‘FSU Is Like Varsity Blues On Steroids’ (Video)


Lorenzo Booker enrolled at Florida State in 2003 as the national player of the year with tons of accolades.  Booker, who spent several years in the NFL, recently explained his reasoning for choosing Florida State over Notre Dame and USC to TMZ.

Booker told TMZ that he attended Florida State for the girls, and compared going to FSU to some of the scenes in the movie Varsity Blues.

“When you’re blowing somebody out in the game, you tend to start looking in the stands,” Booker told TMZ. “When you see beautiful women in the stands, it makes you play harder. That’s just a fact. … I was looking at Notre Dame, ugly women and cold weather. Florida State? That’s like Varsity Blues on steroids.”


One thought on “Ex-Noles RB: ‘FSU Is Like Varsity Blues On Steroids’ (Video)

  • If Florida State is like Varsity blues, does that mean that the female professors are part time strippers? Was Bobby Bowden and Mickey Andrews grabbing players by the face Mask? Just asking.

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