Fan Gets Seahawks Super Bowl Champs Tattoo (Photo)

Seahawks Super Bowl Champ

My man Tim Connors just couldn’t wait could he?

A lot of people would say Timmy is crazy for doing this, but here is what he had to say to Komonews.

“I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy at all,” Connors said.

“There’s no tiny little bit of doubt at all – anywhere in my head.”

His tattoo artist Lonnie Moon of Good Karma Body Art tried to talk him out of it, but then was convince to go ahead with the tattoo.

“I said, ‘hey man, people are going to attack you… that you’re the jinx of the team,’ ” Moon said. And when Connors convinced him to go through with it, Moon answered: “He’s right, you know what, you think like that, you’re not a real fan.”

Just in case you have forgotten.

Fan is short for FANATIC.