Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Bets $10 Million On Broncos SB Win


Floyd Mayweather Throne

Take this with a grain of salt. I know Mayweather gambles large sums of money, but it is highly unlikely he would bet $10.4 Million on one game.

He is the type of gambler who makes multiple bets on same game to try to minimize his risk, so he always wins something and his loses aren’t as much.

But, here are the details.


  1. People who say these things probably don’t have and will never have that kind of money , many super rich guys and gals do silly things with their money / the last time he made a bet like that he won! however the other blogger was right about him fighting Pacquiao …..

  2. Everyone knows that ni66ers have no human impulse control. This overpaid ape will be broke in 10 years or less.
    Besides, he’s already bankrupt as far as humanity goes anyway, it’s just like he said before. If you’re rich, you’re a rich ni66er. If you’re poor, you’re a poor ni66er. He’s just another ni66er.

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