FOX Bans Scarlett Johansson Super Bowl Ad (Video)

It’s Monday so we had to bring something for the bros. Check out the sexy SodaStream Ad featuring Scarlett Johansson that was banned by Fox for the Super Bowl on Sunday. I’m pretty sure it got banned because of the “sorry Coke and Pepsi” line since they are huge NFL advertisers.

Either way, you still get to enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “FOX Bans Scarlett Johansson Super Bowl Ad (Video)

  • My white girl crush right there. Scarlett Johansson-Jones.

  • I wonder if Scarlett Johansson is aware that so many black men are in love with her; myself included!

  • I don’t get why it’s banned, she didn’t show any flesh….hopefully Fox gave back the money to Sodastream…..

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