Fox Producer on Sherman: “It started getting a little dangerous for us.”

Richard Sherman Promo

By now everyone has seen the Richard Sherman’s WWE style post game interview with Erin Andrews. Erin has come out and said she wasn’t scared and that she loved his emotion but now the real reason the interview was cut short has come out. Producers thought things were getting dangerous. Here is the full quote from Zyontz:

“I saw a train coming down the tracks,” said Fox Sports producer Richie Zyontz, who produced the Seahawks-Niners game. “It was compelling television. And like Joe [Buck] had mentioned earlier [during the conference call] we kind of had a preview of that in our production meeting [with Sherman]. It started crossing over a line that I did not want to see us go. Erin handled it very well, but I kind of said, Let’s end this thing. He’s a good guy, an intelligent guy, an emotional guy and it was very compelling  to watch. But it started getting a little dangerous for us.”

Of course this is absolutely ridiculous and Sherman was loud but never really out of control. I am sure that producer regrets saying that out loud and has been called into an office to have a chat.

Sadly, this is all just another part of the code.